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03:11pm 29/05/2014
  and yeah  
10:57pm 05/01/2006
  JoyceBrachman65: have we met?
Glewanda signed off at 2:44:28 PM.
Glewanda signed on at 2:44:33 PM.
Glewanda: My computer froze just as you sent me an IM
JoyceBrachman65: oh thats okay
JoyceBrachman65: have we met?
Glewanda: I am not sure and I dont know why you are on my buddy list
Glewanda: Where do you live?
JoyceBrachman65: Oceanside California
JoyceBrachman65: Im Joyce
JoyceBrachman65: I'm 65
Glewanda: I think you sent me something on jmatch
JoyceBrachman65: ohhh yes.
Glewanda: Calif. is a bit out of my travels
Glewanda: do you ever get to NJ
JoyceBrachman65: ive been to cape may before, i have a cousin that lives there.
JoyceBrachman65: why is that where you live?
Glewanda: well give me a call when you come out here again, I dont have much reason go to Calif. Allthough I am going to Anahime in April. I live in central jersey, East Brunswick
JoyceBrachman65: oh, well, im sorry but i dont remember much about you?
JoyceBrachman65: can you inform me?
JoyceBrachman65: and i will do as well, if you dont remember me.
Glewanda: I am not receiving your IMs
JoyceBrachman65: why not?
Glewanda: cant read anything with the black backround you are using
JoyceBrachman65: oh im sorry
Glewanda: can only read when I send to lyou
JoyceBrachman65: is this better?
Glewanda: much
Glewanda: where is Oceanside
JoyceBrachman65: You dont know where oceanside is
Glewanda: not in Calif.
JoyceBrachman65: Its by the ocean silly. (laughs)
Glewanda: are you always this funny?
JoyceBrachman65: I'd like to think os.
JoyceBrachman65: *so
Glewanda: perhaps I should reconsider my travels
JoyceBrachman65: oh you
JoyceBrachman65: im sorry, i dont remember much about you
JoyceBrachman65: refresh me perhaps?
Glewanda: I am a teacher
JoyceBrachman65: oh! what grade level?
Glewanda: high school
JoyceBrachman65: i was a preschool teacher for years.
Glewanda: so was my late wife
JoyceBrachman65: oh thats very different from preschool
Glewanda: are you now retired
JoyceBrachman65: are they nice?
JoyceBrachman65: yes
Glewanda: who
JoyceBrachman65: im enjoying life to the full.
Glewanda: why not
JoyceBrachman65: the high schoolers?
JoyceBrachman65: kids now.. arent very respectful.
Glewanda: I have one more year to go, all my students love me
JoyceBrachman65: oh well thats good, what area of studies do you teach
Glewanda: Business and computers
JoyceBrachman65: oh, thats wonderful, i always love a buiness-minded man.
Glewanda: how far from Anahime are you
Glewanda: I do like to get down to business
JoyceBrachman65: * Business
JoyceBrachman65: hmm hold on and I'll get the exact amount.
Glewanda: an aproximation will do
JoyceBrachman65: hm, im not sure, because ive never been there.
Glewanda: how far are you from disneyworld
JoyceBrachman65: hmm
Glewanda: excuse me disneyland
JoyceBrachman65: I was going to say.....about a week
JoyceBrachman65: (laughs)
Glewanda: i was expecting something like that
JoyceBrachman65: well thtas what you get for being so silly.
Glewanda: you love it
Glewanda: dont you
JoyceBrachman65: oh yes, so tell me more about yourself, like your likes and dislikes.
Glewanda: I like to enjoy myself
Glewanda: I dont like being alone
JoyceBrachman65: oh, are you currently alone, or are you dating?
Glewanda: I am not dating, and I am alone and unhappy about that
JoyceBrachman65: oh im very sorry.
Glewanda: and you
JoyceBrachman65: i am currently single, butliving with my room-mate Karen.
Glewanda: why do you have a room-mate
JoyceBrachman65: I enjoy company, I dont like to be alone.
JoyceBrachman65: and I've known her for a while, and we share simliar interests, so .."why not?"
JoyceBrachman65: it works out fine.
Glewanda: thats nice, I could never live with another man
Glewanda: i guess its different for woman
JoyceBrachman65: is there anything else about you i should know
Glewanda: women
Glewanda: what else do you want to know
JoyceBrachman65: Do you drink?
Glewanda: on occasion
Glewanda: and you
JoyceBrachman65: sometimes, I'll enjoy a martini or a pina colada.
JoyceBrachman65: or two. :-)
Glewanda: me too
Glewanda: how about weed?
JoyceBrachman65: but nothing too hard, Im too old for that
JoyceBrachman65: Ive treid it , but ive never realy gotten into it
JoyceBrachman65: *tried
Glewanda: do you date often
Glewanda: what is your marital status
JoyceBrachman65: not that muc, no one seems to suit me very well.
JoyceBrachman65: single
Glewanda: have you ever been married
JoyceBrachman65: no but I've been engaged
Glewanda: me too
JoyceBrachman65: DO you smoke>?
Glewanda: not tobacco
JoyceBrachman65: oh so thats what that "weed" question was for
JoyceBrachman65: naughty you :-*
Glewanda: we all have to have some vices, dont we
JoyceBrachman65: do your students know that?
Glewanda: dont be silly
Glewanda: it is an occasional thing
JoyceBrachman65: oh
Glewanda: weekends only, sometimes
JoyceBrachman65: I figured you might be what thye think is " a "cool" teacher, after all, you said they all love you.
JoyceBrachman65: oh, well thats managable.
JoyceBrachman65: do you enjoy sex?
Glewanda: they love me for the person that I am not what I do in private
Glewanda: I love sex
JoyceBrachman65: oh im blushing.
Glewanda: its all i think about
JoyceBrachman65: business/sex minded.
JoyceBrachman65: business for sex, sex for business. (laughs)
Glewanda: two different things
JoyceBrachman65: that can be intertwined.
Glewanda: I happen to be a very good lover
JoyceBrachman65: oh really?
Glewanda: my talents are be wasted
JoyceBrachman65: what do you enjoy sexually?
Glewanda: you name it, I especailly love to give oral
JoyceBrachman65: oh, do you enjoy "kinky" things?
Glewanda: what did lyou lhave in mind
JoyceBrachman65: oh I dont know, it was just a broad question.
Glewanda: I will try anything
Glewanda: i am very openminded
JoyceBrachman65: if you dont mind me asking,
Glewanda: go right ahead
Glewanda: we seem to be establishing a report here
JoyceBrachman65: whats the kinkiest hting you've ever done? You dont have to answer, it is quite personal
JoyceBrachman65: *thing
Glewanda: probably anal
JoyceBrachman65: oh, thats not that bad!
JoyceBrachman65: did you enjoy it?
Glewanda: yes
Glewanda: once was tied up
JoyceBrachman65: oh that is Ikinky
Glewanda: enjoyed sex with my wife very much, a lot of role playing
JoyceBrachman65: is kinky
Glewanda: how about you? what was the kinkyest thing you ever did, be honest
JoyceBrachman65: well,
Glewanda: go on
JoyceBrachman65: I was tied up, and had candle wax poured on my stomach
JoyceBrachman65: it was highly pleasurable.
Glewanda: really, i will have to try that
Glewanda: where shall i have the wax poured on me?
JoyceBrachman65: oh lord...im blushing.
Glewanda: I am getting hard
Glewanda: you do have a way with me
JoyceBrachman65: oh my (blushes)
Glewanda: if i come to calif will you supply the candles
Glewanda: Hey you started this, if you want me to stop I will
JoyceBrachman65: no no,
Glewanda: I once tried sending you an email and it said that you were not an aol member
JoyceBrachman65: i will supllu candles,
JoyceBrachman65: and of course, ill supply the fire ;-)
Glewanda: I wish you lived around the corner, I would take you out to dinner tonight
JoyceBrachman65: awe that is so romantic, but i have to go.
JoyceBrachman65: sadly.
Glewanda: give me your phone number and I will call you
JoyceBrachman65: im debating on whether i should give t to you or not ;-)
Glewanda: Hey I am 300-0 miles away from you what could happen
JoyceBrachman65: hmm..
JoyceBrachman65: ive heard stories.
Glewanda: I just thougt we could have some fun together
Glewanda: what stories
Glewanda: take a chance
JoyceBrachman65: on the phone!? oh you ARE kinky!
Glewanda: you wont me sorry
Glewanda: be sorry
JoyceBrachman65: oh yeah
Glewanda: you lhave nothing to lose
JoyceBrachman65: 760-722-1561
Glewanda: ata girl
JoyceBrachman65: ok im going to go, i hope ot recieve a call ;-)
Glewanda: I will call you later byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
WalMart Drama   
08:18am 10/06/2005
mood: I have to pee.
So Inventory for Walmart came and its confirmed that we lost 1 million dollars. People are placing bets to see if our store manager is going to get demoted. However, if he does, Ill miss him, but im damn glad That Inventory is over. I coudnt take an other 4-12 shift having to wake up for school in the morning at 6. I was just reading Kevin [Smtih]'s blog. His life is so effing awesome. It has such a Jersey-esque qualtiy about it. I went to X*I*T and anyone who ever knew anything important about the Ledgewood Mall knows that that its the Asain owned fashion store that sells clothes for cheap. I went therr and noticed these awesome camoflauge capri pants, ones with straps and shit all over them. So i go into the store and find out that they are only 25 bucks! Im like OoO i going to buy these. but when i look at the sizes, they only have a small and a large. So i opted for the small. When i went to check out, the lady pressured me to try them on. i bluntly just told her to wrap them up s i can leave. And she looked at my waist and said "your not a small" Needless to say, i tried thme on and found out i am not a small so i had to tromp my ass in there and tell her that i was wrong and she was right, and i bought the large. (hoping they'llshrink in the washing machine.) Chinky Bitch. so I went back to work, and this kid rides up to me on a bike in there store, and asks "Do you know how much is this?" i hate bad verbal grammar. I simply told him "no" and walked away. Granted, that was being such a bad associate, but your not supposed to bike ride in the store. My bad associate skills got worse during the night. Ryan hugged me and this girl thought he was my boyfriend and said "wow shes a real winner" and the other girl said "yeah i mean look at her boyfreind" at that point i screame "bitch if you saw my boyfreind you'd cream your pants" and they all laughed saying "Ooh she thinks shes so cool!" im cooler than you you bloodfucks. So then i saw them in the cashlanes, and they were still saying shit, and giving me dirty looks, and this is where i had my "terrets moment"


I yelled. I didnt care if i got fired. That chick was a fucking bitch. I have no tolerance for people going into Walmrt just to make fun of people. So then, i was out for blood, and decided to take a 15, and buy my mom a rose bush for her birthday and some (godly) smartfood popcorn. And stood on the line right next to them. When i got there, I relized, "why am i going to stoop to their level?" Damn Fucks. So I paid for my stuff and smiled at them while waiting on line, while they gave me these confused looks, like they didnt recognize me without my vest on. They kept looking at me and taling to one another in confusion. Then they whined because We didnt have "Marlboro Methol Light 120's" or some shit like that. I told Autumn,(the girl i work with) "Theyre such bitches, and they dont even smoke real cigarettes." and she laughed so hard. I suppose thats all i have to say for right now, other than the fact that i think kevin would relate because he said that his wife Jen got in some similar scuffle yesterday. Sorry, I have kevin on the braind cuz im excited for TPOTC.
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01:16pm 24/05/2005
  I had to go to see mr. purzac today, for practically nothing. the wrong person had to apologize to me , Joe had to apologize, not Ryan. When the person who needed to apologize is ryan

Here's the story: (basically)

(in gym)
Ron: ryan wants to know why your being such a bitch.
karen: (dilligently doing her Front-Page homework) about what?
Ron: Ryan says your being a bitch because "Your leading Steve on"
Karen: tell him no I'm not, and our feelings are mutual for each other : we dont like each other that way. me and stev talked about it yesterday
Ron: want me to go tell him?
Karen: sure.
(ron goes and tells him-ryan comes over)
Ryan: (being retarted) WHY ARE YOU BEING SUCH A BITCH?
Karen: you need, to stop sticking your nose in other peoples business, when you dont know shit about shit okay? Me and Steve talked the other day, i bet you didnt know that did you?
Ryan: whatever.
Joe: you need to stop being such a bitch.
(then the whole lunch period i didnt talk to ryan or joe)
Ron: (to ryan) Karen needs an apology.
Ryan: fuck that bitch. Im not apologizing.
(then Joe said something, and i freaked out on Joe.)
Its not joe, Im mad at, It Ryan. ryan just wants to create drama, so he has something to bitch about. hes not as tough as he looks, if he is picking on me because of "me and Steve." Steve knows I dont like him. Its all in fun. I would never do anything with him, or to him or for him or whatever. But when jow apologized, he said that he just didnt want steve to get hurt in the long run if he did start to like me. which is acceptable. but you dont need to be all gay about it just so you can be all dramatic.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
^^DRAMA QUEEN^^ bitch please.
In the hallway again that camel-bitch just looked at me and laughed. She said to her boyfriend
"that girl is so dirty" she says that every fucking time. She has no reason to hate me, but i think shes hilarious.
She cant think of a better thing to say except for "that girl is so dirty" every fucking time she has something to say
shes fucking hilarious. stupid underclassmen. I dont care, I'll be gone soon. Almost the prom shit is done. Almost. I just need to get the flower thinger, and do prom weekened shit.
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bettie paige!   
01:18pm 20/05/2005
  You are Bettie Page!
You're Bettie Page!

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Dear Self:   
01:38pm 17/05/2005
  Things have sucked lately haven’t they? Living in Wharton, because you and your brother aren’t allowed in the house when such chaos is fluttering about, and minding stupid drama, via live journal, and dumb message boards. Things used to be easier. Used to be, whenever I had a problem, I wouldn’t say anything, and things were easier that way, like say for Mallory’s sake: I shouldn’t have said anything concerning Gary. If she wanted to go out with him, we warned her, and then maybe I should give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he really does love Mallory, or maybe he was just troubled. I’m sorry I hated him just because he had sex with three of my friends; Erika, Jaime and Sam. I’m sorry that I really didn’t tell him to his face, and had to write it on a message board, because I didn’t really think of telling him, until it was already over, and he’d kidnapped Mallory and Tina from the show. I guess I judged him, and no, im not saying it’s regret. He could be a bad person, but for the time being, if he makes Mallory happy, then that’s all that matters. This is Senior Year. The last year we are going to be together. We should make the most of it. Instead of fighting over live journal, and message boards and stuff. This, when I really think about it, is so freshman year. I remember when my best friends used to really be my best friends , when we wouldn’t fight, and we would fantasize about dating older boys, and play Barbie’s and Darth Vader and just fuck around Lake Shawnee. It was funny, me drinking spit to make Mal laugh, because she was having a shitty day, and making Cynthia throw up, and Tony thinking that we were sisters or twins or something. And us always making fun of freshman/or middle school girls, that we once were. I’m sorry for judging people. Maybe Mallory’s boyfriend isn’t as gay as everyone claims him to be. I’ve made bad choices just as Mallory might, or might not be. I’m stopping all this stupid drama. I hate not talking, and having to pretend that Mallory isn’t there, and walking past, I hate Gonter, for the time being, because he had to go tell everyone I wanted to kill Gary or whatever, when in fact, that’s not what I technically said. So, I’m stopping this Gay drama, that I inadvertently started myself. and with this all being said, it obvious, that this entry isn’t to myself, its to Mallory. Take Gary to prom if you will. You can even go to prom weekend with us, even though I think your taking Nick, come to prom weekend with us. Comment.  
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01:25pm 12/05/2005
  i know your pissed at me but i really fucking hate Gary Mallory, he fucks 12 year old Mallrats, and he think she is such hot shit because he is in a death metal band. Erik went out with him and so did Jaime, and he treated them both like shit. He even said he wanted to pour gasoline all over Jaime's boday and light her face on fire. You say you love him, and he wil tell you anything you want, because that's what he does: he will tell you anything you wnat and make you feel like a princess and then fuck you over. Literally and metaphorically. and then he will leave you guaranteed because that what he did to Jaime and Erika. When Erika was 14. I seemed to notice he only goe for one type of girl too : the emotionally distressed girl who is just looking to be loved. He sees this as a weakness and wants to pray upon it. What happened to you Mallory? You used to be fun and funny, and now all you care about is your boyfreind. and being loved. Well newsflash, your hurting the ones who actually love you. Your Freinds Mallory. Your emotiionally distressed, Erika was emotionally distressed, Jaime was emotionally distressed all the little fucking poseur girls he hangs out wiht at the Rockaway mall, who cut their wrists for attention, and listen to "A Simple Plan", who do drugs just because they want "rockstars" like Gary to put his cock inside of them, which he probably will (and has) are all "emotionally distressed". Your not going to be with Gary forever so why bother? Youshould stick to people who actually care about you like Nick. Your throwing everyone who cares about you out of your life so you can be with people who don't truly give a shit about you. Like Gary. Once you put out a couple times for Gary he's going to lose interest once an other easy target comes along. He is shady as hell. He practically fucking yelled at you when we went to see Walter at the show the other day. And then you leave me? youd didnt even say goodbye Mal. Way to ditch your friends. So, why dont you tell Gary that you were dating Nick and him at the same time? He'll proably use it against you and make you feel like shit so you think anyone else would want you. so he can have you all to himself, until he gets what he wants, and then he'll leave you for some bitch at the mall whoo hasent even gotten her period yet. Or better yet, why dont you tell nick? and he was so nice to you too and you roylally fucked him over for someone who probably wont even care about you once who fuck him. Because thats what he does. He'll fuck you and then dump you. Ask your "best freinds" Erika and Jaime Hardy. Or better yet, ask any little poseur girl in front of The Rockaway Mall who cuts their wrists, makes up stories about how "their childhood was so bad, who cut their wrists for attention, and listens to "A Simple Plan", who does drugs, who when they have sex with Gary, say that they "were raped" ask any one of them. Whoever he is going out with, he makes them feel like a princess, and then he FUCKS THEM OVER. Ryan told me that you hate me. I dont even care Mallory because YOUR NOT WORTH THE DRAMA. We've tried to protect you all we could, even thoughyou broke the rule (which if you havent noticed is a big deal aorund these part, also known as the "east coast") If you want to fuck with your best freinds ex boyfreinds, then go to TInas social group. dont bring that shit into ours. Ive stuck yup for and befreinded you more than you will ever know , Mallory . If you want to go around telling my freinds that you hate me, be my guest mallory. That's super because you finally made a decision. I should give you a sticker. Im really glad to know that you'd sacrifice your freinds for some scumbag boy. All because he's a rockstar! And if you think that Erika isnt still mad at you, think again because she is. She just doesnt wantto have to deal with the Drama. that seems that thats what your allll about Mal. Is Drama. Have Fun at prom, because i swear to god mallory, if you bring gary, so many people would be up your ass, Ill knock you flat on your back, but thats what your used to huh? taking in laying on your back? I cant take this petty shit. you telling Gonter all this shit, and not saying it to our faces. the only reason im writing you a comment, is because i cant think of this all and ell at the same time. Gonter also probably told you bunch of pure shit about what i said, because your making a bigger deal out of this than it is. I told ron "if gary hurt you- id slit his throat because i think he is a scumbag." Ask Ron. I have my reasons for not liking him Mallory. He's fucked and chukced two of my best freinds and now he is trying to make it 3. I igured I'd give him the benfit of the doubt, and maybe give him an other chance, but he was the same asshold ive alwasy knew, when i went to the show. Dont sayi didnt tell you so Mallory. When i went to the show, i saw you treat him like he used to treat Jaime and Erika, it was like seeing it being played back. I hate him. Its funny how at the table this morning i said his name and two of the 4 girls at the table said "ew Gary Hoffmann? I know him he's a scumbag." Well maybe ill tell you a little experience ive had with players mallory. there was this guy i was totally falling for, we would talk on the phone until 4am and he would visit me at work, and hang out all the time. he told all his freinds and mine that he was going to ask me out. I told one of my best freinds all of this, and she stole him from me. does this sound familiar? YOU stole him ffrom me Mal, and then told your mom you would never do that, and it made ME look bad. Fuzzy was a player, and almost did to me what Gary will do to you. comment back  
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I'm In a pretty damn good mood!   
12:40pm 30/03/2005
  Im in a pretty damn good mood! I love everyone right now. Maybe because I was upset, that Ron had to bring up shit from the past, and Guzman hugged me in the hallway.
He does such small things to cheer me up. 

I Love you Erika, 

I love you Mallory

I love you Ron

I love you Joan Cleaver

I love you Mom. 

I Love you Leonard Bernstein.

I'm in SUCH a good mood. Maybe it was listening to "Something
Corporate" <- I haven't listened to since Forever ago. Or maybe it was
the PowerAde (Power-AIDS) haha.

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12:51pm 17/03/2005

Whoever the fuck keeps posting anonmys replies, to my live journal shit, and my Wal-Mart shit: LEAVE ME ç THE FUCK ALONE! I DONT KNOW WHO THE BLOODY FUCK YOU ARE, AD IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ME YOU NEED TO COME INTO WAL*MART AND SAY IT TO MY GODDAMN FACE. I have ENOUGH PROBLEMS IN MY LIFE WHERE I HAVE SOME JERK ONLINE TRYING TO MAKE ME FEEL LIKE SHIT. WHOEVER IS DOING THIS PLEASE LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE. I CAN do my job. Properly. Live journal has been nice, but I’m not writing in this or my Wal-Mart live journal, anymore.
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